Hospitality French Networking

On October 1st at the W Hotel in San Francisco was the 4th French Hospitality Networking event. This was again a great opportunity to meet new hotel people but also other industries willing to network with Hoteliers. I am also very proud to say that from now on I am a co-manager of this exciting group and we do have great projects in mind to develop the group. For instance we will open it to all European Hoteliers, Event, Tourism or any industries linked to those industries. Please meet us next time and join the group on LinkedIn for updates. We meet every first Thursday of the month with many more upcoming surprises!


Content Marketing

Just finished a course on Content Marketing on by Dayna Rothman. This was really interesting and I can’t wait to learn more about that field. In some industries though Sales people are doing Content Marketing on their own, this course enables you to see further, using more tools and really engaging the audience.

Check it out: Content Marketing Fundamentals